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1. Model Info

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Model Parameters

Model Details.
  • Type of Period defines if the model is run on a monthly, quarterly, semester or annual basis.
  • Number of Periods defines the model horizon. It is a good practice to have a horizon that covers the project from the start to the period when the last invoice is paid.
  • Use Period - Starting Year and Period - Starting Month to indicate the start of the project.
  • Project Type defines the type of project - LumpSum or Time & Materials or Cost Plus.
  • Direct Costs and Recurring Costs - specify how many direct cost and recurring costs will the project incur.
  • Categories - Staff - defines the number of different types of staff that have different fringe and overhead rates.
  • Number of Experts - specify number of staff on the project.
  • Number of Subcontractors - specify number of subcontractors on the project.
  • Currency defines the currency of the analysis.
  • Show Results in - specify if the output is desired in units, thousands, millions or billions.

Type of Period Number of Periods
Period - Starting Year Period - Starting Month
Project Type Number of invoices (for lump-sum projects)
Direct Cost Items Recurring Cost Items
Categories - Staff Number of experts
Number of subcontractors Currency
Show Results In Reserved for future use  

If you have changed any of the parameters above, then please update the data entry form before making changes to the revenue and cost data below.

2. Invoice Data

3. Cost Data

4. Financing and Other Data - another solution from Rock Creek Analytics.

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